Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Karen See, Karen Do

This week's thunderstorms and tornadoes (and the resulting power loss) showed me that I had a few kinks in my emergency system. For one, I had no cooler to load with ice and possibly save the contents of my refrigerator. A trip to Target was in order.

Now, I do not frequent Target. Nothing against the store, mind you. That just means I was a bit disoriented when I walked in. It must've been fate that led me to the SmartyKat ScratchScroll! I saw this the other day on Stumbling Over Chaos and thought it was adorable. Who knew I'd be headed to the store within days and that would be the first thing my eyes landed upon.

The tag says you should let your cat discover the lounger on his own. Maybe Rocky's real name is Christopher Columbus?

Rocky and The Lounger
Next time, I think a couple of book reviews are in order. Hasta luego!

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