Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Home Improvement

Mom's handsAside from a little spiff-up at Chez Métier, my body also continues its quest for self-improvement. Of course, when I think of it, none of this would have been possible without my caretaker's hands.

These hands support me as I sit or stand. These hands cook and clean for me. These hands change the dressing on my incision. These hands comfort and reassure when I get a little whiny about this or that.

I know I jokingly referred to my mother as "The Warden" (and she can be a tough taskmaster at times) but I know full well that every admonition is meant for my own good. Except for that little misunderstanding about the knitting ban, but we've worked that out. I've actually knit half a mitten since Saturday. I know that's a snail's pace so just be quiet, OK?

Flowers Brighten Any Decor
Once again, I am the lucky recipient of a beautiful get-well bouquet. This time, however, I know from whence they came. Too bad the smell-o-vision plug-in is on the fritz because these are a delight for the senses, with the rich perfume of the red roses in nose-to-nose competition with the sweet notes of the bluebells for my olfactory attention.
Mary sent get-well flowers
The question is, do cats like flowers as much as we do? Let's see:
Rocky and the flowers
Rocky in his "What? I'm not doing anything" pose.

Rocky bites the flowers
Seconds later, Rocky is so busted as he is spotted sampling the rose petals.

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