Sunday, April 27, 2008

Any Random Sunday

Did you know that the last Sunday in April is World Pinhole Camera Day? Basically you eschew the glass lens in favor of a light-tight tube with a tiny hole in a piece of cardboard, a Quaker Oats box or a Pringle's potato chip can. Although this is the most primitive possible camera (at least I think it is), the pinhole camera, with its potential for infinite depth of field, produces images that are often beautiful and otherworldly.

Paris Through a Pinhole, Rob Gardiner, 2005Rob Gardiner, Paris Through A Pinhole Feb 2005
Looking for beads? I recently compiled a list in response to a question on Ravelry. Thought I'd share these seed beads or rocailles resources (Czech, Miyuki, Toho, etc.) here:

I’ve purchased beads from half of the above vendors, with the latest being beadaholique. They have some really nice mixes.

I’ve found Boye or Susan Bates steel crochet hook size 13 (US) to be the most versatile for sizes 5/0, 6/0 and 8/0 seed beads, though I do include sizes 11 and 14 in my hook arsenal. Don't want to do the hook? You can always try a big eye needle or even dental floss threaders. Believe it or not, they work too.

If you're looking for a crochet beading refresher, try Fluffy Knitter Deb’s or Sivia Harding’s tutorial at Knitty.

Right now, the sparrows, robins and fire-red and black cardinals are twittering under clouding skies, the bells clang at St. James a few blocks away, and I'm waiting for my mom to pop in at any moment for her weekly visit. Coffee on the patio? I think so.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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