Good to be back home!

Pink Tulips

Thanks so much for your good wishes. The surgery went well but the patient had an little incident that caused her to be admitted to the ICU overnight.

Alright. I’ll drop the third person to tell you that I went into a-fib near the end of what should have been a routine […]

On The Avenue

I’ve been trying to wrap up a few things in anticipation of a fast-approaching knit and crochet hiatus. At the same time, I’ve also been spending some fun time with friends over the past couple of weeks. Walking, sampling some very fine craft beers, shopping and making new friends along the way.

First, there was […]

We are everywhere!

Baby blanket squares

The everyday stuff

I took my car in today for an oil change and tire rotation. I was surprised to see the place so empty. Then again, it was the middle of the week around the time that most 9-to-5’ers would have been at their posts.

Since I was the only […]

She's a funny one.

My mother is not the crafty sort. I mean, she’s creative in a quirky sort of way but knitting and crocheting are not her thing. Case in point: I’m making PlanetJune’s crochet eggs for Easter. I took one down from the armoire where they’re being stored out of cat’s reach to show to her. She […]

FO: Ready to go public

Pretty Raspberry Citron

Eleven days from start to finish. Not a bad pace for me given that there were 440+ stitches at the end. You’ll see from the finished product that I did not add a ruffle. Why not? Observe that little twist of yarn. When you’ve only got a few yards to play […]

If this is Chicago...

The beer must be green. The river must be green. What you’re wearing must be green, for today, everyone in Chicago is Irish! It’s a tradition – just like having two St. Patrick’s day parades: one for the Northside Irish and one for the Southside Irish. Here in Chicago, what part of town you’re from […]

Making Raspberry Progress


Oh, the joys of ruching! I hadn’t read through the pattern beforehand so I had no idea that the ruching in Citron was all that easy. But so it is. The only item of note: do not use kfb (knit front and back) as your M1. Instead, use the pick-up between stitches method. […]

FO: Lu's matching mitts

Matching mitts for Lu

What can you do with 100 yards of Aran-weight yarn? Why, make a pair of fingerless mitts of course. These should be the perfect complement to the legwarmers I recently completed for my friend Lu.

I based the mitts on the same alternating round stitch pattern of K2tog, YO, K1 […]

A sunny little something

Citron (Knitty Winter 2009). Photo by Neil Callis

Spring may not exactly be in the air just yet but that doesn’t stop my thoughts from turning to a little knitted number that promises more sunny, warm days ahead. Just look at Citron, the latest “it” girl from Knitty.

For me, this versatile slice […]

One woman's roadmap to Wordpress

I may as well tell you up front that this is not knitting related. If you want to stop reading I’ll understand and catch you on the next go-round. My aim is to document what I did to move from Blogger to WordPress as my publishing solution. Whatever you do, remember to always back up […]