Pop Goes The Shoulder

It’s a disconcerting sound and feeling, that “Oh, crap!” popping twinge of something anatomically out of place. When you’re this|close to finishing another little doodad, you just suck it up and deal with the consequences later. I might have been pushing a bit too hard but I think this headband was worth it.

Specs:10 grams […]

Any Random Sunday

Did you know that the last Sunday in April is World Pinhole Camera Day? Basically you eschew the glass lens in favor of a light-tight tube with a tiny hole in a piece of cardboard, a Quaker Oats box or a Pringle’s potato chip can. Although this is the most primitive possible camera (at least […]

Something New

Yes, I am well aware that my projects-in-progress bags and basket overfloweth. After reading your advice on how to best manage that situation, in the end I decided to not view it as a problem in need of resolution. Call it the chumps way out, but I can’t let the very thing that brought me […]

What Would You Do?

If something called Dream In Color “Baby Lace” landed in your mailbox, along with silver lined beads? If you suddenly realized that, if your design IS accepted, you’ll have to knit like the wind but you have no pattern? You swatch. With your vague idea and an arsenal of needle sizes as you try to […]

Fortune Smiles

About 3 weeks ago, Debi (of Chez FKD) penned a post called “Days of Wine and Roses.” In it, she describes the eponymous mitts she made, which were loosely based on those found in the Winter ’06 edition of Interweave Knits.

They were so beautiful that, on a lark, I left a comments saying essentially, […]