FO: Easy Glamour

Those of you who maintain a blog can hopefully relate to the real or imagined pressure to “feed the monster.” I am absolutely in awe of those craft bloggers who have something to say – and seemingly a new project to show – nearly every day. How do they do it? Makes me feel as […]

My Knitting Angel

Yes, I have a knitting angel and her name is Angie. There’s been a bit of blog chatter lately about paying it forward or random acts of kindness. I think it only fair that I put Angie’s name out there as someone who did a me kindness by offering – no, insisting that she finish […]

Hello, Old Friend

You know how it is. Sometimes you’ve set your sights in one direction when another – long forgotten – jumps right out at you and you say to yourself, “Where have you been?” Thus it is twixt me and crochet.

I rejoined the land of the crafty going on four years now, and crochet was […]