Foliage, Part 2 and a Birthday

I wanted to thank you guys for your support in my quest for a physician who’ll work with me on this shoulder thing. Sorry for the vitriol of the post itself, but I’m not sorry about the hat that came out of it! Speaking of my version of Foliage, a number of you asked for […]

FO: Felted Foliage

It came as a surprise, this latest finished object. I’d just started “Foliage” from Fall ’07 Knitty when it was no sooner finished. And felted. I even have about twelve inches of a matching, triangular scarf / shawl thing trailing off my size 13US straights, which should use up the remaining Malabrigo “Little Lovely (variegated)” […]

Bathed, Blocked and Ready to Go

It took longer than expected, but I finished the mini-messenger bag in time for delivery to its 11-year-old recipient later today. I kind of blew past the actual birthday by a few days, though I suspect she’ll forgive me.

Specs:(2) 138 yard skeins of Manos del Uruguay in ‘Agate’(1.5) 135 yard skeins of Malabrigo bulky […]