FO: Pink Diamond Scarf

I never talked about it but I’ve been working on this scarf / wrap thing all along. You see, I didn’t want the Felted Foliage hat to out into the world without a partner, so I made a diamond-shaped scarf to keep it company using a very simple stockinette pattern.

Materials and Pattern: 400 yards […]

Jack Is Three

Although he can’t quite get the fingers right just yet, Jack is three years old. He was a perfect little gentleman for taking time out from opening presents to model his birthday hoodie for me. It’s not as roomy as I would have liked, but Jack’s mom assures me that he’ll be able to […]

FO: Jack’s Hoodie

Thank goodness! For a moment, I wasn’t sure I’d be ready for the birthday boy’s grand entrance to his third year this weekend. I just hope my take on this Lion Brand hoodie (registration required) is large enough to see Jack well into his fearsome fours.

Hoodie in Fearless Fibers worsted weight wool and mohair […]

Hello, Old Friend

You know how it is. Sometimes you’ve set your sights in one direction when another – long forgotten – jumps right out at you and you say to yourself, “Where have you been?” Thus it is twixt me and crochet.

I rejoined the land of the crafty going on four years now, and crochet was […]

Foliage, Part 2 and a Birthday

I wanted to thank you guys for your support in my quest for a physician who’ll work with me on this shoulder thing. Sorry for the vitriol of the post itself, but I’m not sorry about the hat that came out of it! Speaking of my version of Foliage, a number of you asked for […]

FO: Felted Foliage

It came as a surprise, this latest finished object. I’d just started “Foliage” from Fall ’07 Knitty when it was no sooner finished. And felted. I even have about twelve inches of a matching, triangular scarf / shawl thing trailing off my size 13US straights, which should use up the remaining Malabrigo “Little Lovely (variegated)” […]

FO: Fantine!

Even a drip of water will eventually wear away rock if applied frequently enough, and thus it is with knitting. A few rows here and there mean I am finally able to say, “Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce Mademoiselle Fantine!”

Pattern: French Girl Knits “Fantine”Yarn used: Nearly 4 skeins of Rowan Polar at […]

Very Berry Möbius Speaks

I so enjoyed coming into being; stitch after silky stitch of that yummy yarn building above and below the pink cable line of my knitter’s needles and she had no idea. I came out just as I was supposed to, even though my knitter got tired toward the end and cheated me of a […]

Fork. Done. Etc.

It started with beautiful yarn that, if you recall, I could not put down despite doctor’s orders to the contrary. Three months later, Debi’s gift of Diakeito Diamusee Fine, color 116, evolved first into damp, then blocked lace:

Then, all stretched out, it dried overnight into the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl:

Finished dimensions: 54 […]

Time Well Spent

If you were to measure it in dog years, it took 7 of them to make this pair of socks. Technically, I started them last July while laboring under the delusion that I could whip them out as a birthday present in August. Heh. Fast-forward one year and, this time, they’ll be right on time.