Sometimes, I Knit

Sadly, for the past week or so, I’ve been doing everything but. I’ve done a few more repeats on the ZigZag scarf but nothing that bears a photo update: “Oh, look! It’s longer than last time.” Yawn.

Aside from the usual blah-blah (doctor) blah-blah, there’s been quite a bit of design thinking (and sketching, planning, […]

Gifts, Year-round!

The gift of friendshipknows no season, has no price.It’s always welcomed!

Not a lot of knitting in that mitten, but each stitch is full of well-wishes and good intentions for the recipient. The mate is more than halfway done. Although the pair will not be complete by Christmas, I have no doubt they will be […]

Do, Or Do Not.

“Do, Or Do Not. There is no ‘try.’” — Jedi Master Yoda

Sure, Yoda. I live in the real world where sometimes “try” is all you have and failure is a strong possibility. What am I talking about? Exhibit One, your Honor:

I will not finish this gift of the Almost Garter scarf before Monday. […]

Is My Past My Future?

There are plenty of articles positing that the way to your adult career passion is through careful examination of your beloved childhood activities. Upon reflection, I suppose this makes a certain amount of sense: did you like Legos? Maybe you’ll find career satisfaction as an architect or a builder.

In my own childhood, creativity was […]

For The Love Of Wool

If we’ve chatted for more than five minutes, it would become apparent that I have quite a few interests. Alongside history, languages, travel, social justice and politics lives my life-long interest in fashion. Oh, the incongruity! Anyway, as I was going through my daily reads, I found this item at The First Post: Wonder Woollens. […]

In Search Of…

Yarnand foodwith friendsbut mostly, yarnI had the chance to spend three yarn-filled days with Rebecca. I’m glad she was able to finally take a break from dyeing her own yarn to visit me in Chicago to, ironically, paw more yarn. A stitcher knows the love of fiber, despite being surrounded by it on a daily […]

Ghost In The Machine?

Scene: Friday evening at a popular downtown knit bar, Loopy Yarns. Some wine, chocolate cake and dozens of stitchers are on hand for local designer Bonne Marie Burns ChicKnits fashion show. This was apparently the place to be. I spotted so many familiar faces who’d come out to show some love for one of Chicago’s […]

Ode to Stockinette

Boring. Uninspired. Mindless. Oh, the ubiquity! This is oft your lot, my dear stockinette; much maligned, nay, overlooked I think might be a better way to put it. In reality, you should be hailed as the maker of quick work. As rest for weary eyes. As Zen for the fingers.

Stockinette in the round was […]


My original plan for today was to show you just how much sock I was able to twist up in 24 hours with my brand-spanking new yarn, the lovely sportweight Chewy Spaghetti in “Cheeky.”

I was cruising along on one of the “Sensational Knitted Socks” chevron patterns late last night when I hit a wall […]

Just So Random

You know how we casually toss off the phrase, “stuff happens?” Today’s post is all about small things and random encounters as I skip across the Web.

The first “small things” belong to my neighbor’s newborn baby boy. Even though it took approximately 3 weeks off and on to knit the earflap hat with matching […]