Threadless – In A Good Way

Sad but true: not all my purchases involve knitting. This is a brief chronicle of one such purchase, though one could (rightly) argue that it is a cotton knit fabric. I’m talking about the ubiquitous tee shirt.

My drawers are riddled with tees – some of which are only pressed into duty as sleepwear. There […]

It’s A Good Day!

Oh! It’s a good day, for singin’ a song,An’ it’s a good day for movin’ along,Yes, it’s a good day, how could anything go wrong?A good day from mornin’ ’till night! – Perry Como

By all accounts, it was a most excellent Friday. Not only was the weather cooperatively ideal (sunny, a tad cool), but […]

Pas de Baa Pour Moi

Or so wrote Amy Singer in my copy of her new book, “No Sheep For You“. A designer and author, Ms. Singer may be best known for her work at the helm of Knitty, an online publication featuring scads of fantastic free patterns and a wealth of information on the fine points of knitting and […]