Finally, I’m Well-coiffed

A little Lipstick Lava and a pair of size 7’s made for quick work of this version of Knitty’s Shocking Pink Coif featuring Brainy Lady’s button adaptation. I decided to add a touch as well, with a left twist repeated along the five middle stitches.

There was, indeed consensus on the button, with the marled […]

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Punt!

My brother came by yesterday. It was the perfect opportunity for a test run of his Chicago Bears hat.

At first, I was hopeful that it would fit. He stretched it over his not insignificant head (he’s 6’3″), but it fell short of his ears – more like a Muslim kufi than a full “cover-yer-head-it’s-freakin’-cold” […]

Smells Like Team Spirit

January, 1986. It had been years since Mom had a television in the house. She was a reading specialist who did not believe in the curative, babysitting power of The Box. We were forced into growing our brains the old-fashioned way: reading, listening to music, making things. But this year, something was different. You see, […]

Miss Karen’s Boys

I’ve fallen into a pattern in the past 5 years. You see, I’ve had 3 or 4 interns on my team and they’ve all been guys. Not on purpose, mind you. It just sort of turned out that way. I’ve taken to calling them “my boys.” The gender bit isn’t the pattern of which I […]