The weather gods are playing dirty tricks!

Strata Fingerless Gloves

I thought for sure that my friend T’s Rikke would spell the last of my winter knitting. I figured that she’d have very few chances to wear her hat, which was the last of a 3-piece gift: Rikke, Strata (from “Knitting New Mittens and Gloves”) and Eleanor.

Har-dee-har-har. There is actual […]

Just In Time!

December in Chicago and the first snows have fallen, right along with the temperature. I was afraid I wouldn’t have what I needed so I knit as fast as my fingers permitted – just to make sure I was ready for the drop.

It’s not as though I don’t have hand knits to wear, right? […]

FO: Lu's matching mitts

Matching mitts for Lu

What can you do with 100 yards of Aran-weight yarn? Why, make a pair of fingerless mitts of course. These should be the perfect complement to the legwarmers I recently completed for my friend Lu.

I based the mitts on the same alternating round stitch pattern of K2tog, YO, K1 […]

The Little Things

If you’ve ever been away from something for a long time, you’ll understand when I tell you how difficult it becomes to return to it.

When it came to relating crafting stories, I felt dried up; choking on the sameness and wanting something else. I kept waiting for the spark of inspiration or the kind […]

Mile 24

The Chicago Marathon was held this past weekend. This fall tradition brought over 45,000 runners of all skill levels right past my home. See, I happen to live along the last leg of the 26.2 mile course. You reach my pad, the race is almost over!

Relevance? I’m simply trying to draw a parallel between […]

FO: A Matched Set

What started as a simple desire to provide a little warmth and softness for a neighbor who’d been ill for quite some time blossomed into a pair of somewhat stripey mittens with a matching hat to boot.

I hadn’t seen Gloria for a couple of months. I’d heard she was getting treated for some sort […]

Miss Karen’s Boys

I’ve fallen into a pattern in the past 5 years. You see, I’ve had 3 or 4 interns on my team and they’ve all been guys. Not on purpose, mind you. It just sort of turned out that way. I’ve taken to calling them “my boys.” The gender bit isn’t the pattern of which I […]

Fortune Smiles

About 3 weeks ago, Debi (of Chez FKD) penned a post called “Days of Wine and Roses.” In it, she describes the eponymous mitts she made, which were loosely based on those found in the Winter ’06 edition of Interweave Knits.

They were so beautiful that, on a lark, I left a comments saying essentially, […]