Choice Cuts!

No clever dialog or confusing choices; just a little frequency distribution of the reader-supplied data with a soupçon of personal bias.

The winners are “Moss” from Yarn All Over and Socks That Rock “Star Sapphire” from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

“Moss” will become Mona and “Star Sapphire” will become Monkey Socks. Yes, a cheeky blue […]

And We’re Off!

It’s mind-boggling! One-thousand-six participants in 26 countries signed up for this global sock knitting event. Through the magicks of the internets, we will connect in a very personal way with the feet of people we’ll likely never meet. That is the beauty of Sockapalooza.

Now in its fourth year, Sockapalooza is the brainchild of Alison […]

Flying Footlets!

What do you get when you mix a one skein of cashmere-soft yarn with the need for instant gratification? Flying Footlets!

(Flying Wings Footlet)

Why “flying?” Because the Flying Wings pattern is featured on the cuff and they virtually fly off your needles. It would have gone faster had I not stopped to pet the […]

Wild Things!

Wild thing…you make my heart sing.You make everything. Groovy.C’mon, c’mon, wild thing.

– The Troggs, 1966

You know this is really about the now finished and fabulous Wild Thing socks knit from Teyani’s Sock Hop yarn. I just couldn’t resist kicking off this post with a picture of the boys in an unusual tête-à-tête. Anyway, […]

A “Take Charge” Kind of Person

Good, bad or indifferent, part of me is competitive and there was no way a sock was going to beat me down. Exhibit one, my “no particular pattern” sock that recently proved so troublesome. It is now sock accompli:

When Terri urged me to show that sock who’s boss, I said, “Yeah. Damn right!” I […]

Socks That Mock

I was just about to pick up where I left off with these troublesome socks when I looked down and saw it: this sock was unmistakably smiling. Not a happy, welcoming smile so much as a curled-lip, mocking grin. OK, I’ll leave the anthropomorphizing be, but I do see something amiss in the gaping pre-gusset […]

Green Chic

I do love my greens – both the kind you eat and the kind you knit with. In the spirit of the Green Sock KAL, I decided to do a little more stash spelunking in search of said sock yarn greens. The results?

* A deep forest blue-tinged green from Fearless Fibers* A melange of […]

Verdant Tootsies!

This is my kind of knit-along.

No sign-up sheet + No deadlines + No specific pattern = No pressure. It’s the Green Sock Knit Along, oh-so-casually cobbled together by Cynic the Lamb over at Knotty Bits.

I was so inspired Thursday night that I did a little stash diving and came up with Socks […]