What Would You Do?

If something called Dream In Color “Baby Lace” landed in your mailbox, along with silver lined beads? If you suddenly realized that, if your design IS accepted, you’ll have to knit like the wind but you have no pattern? You swatch. With your vague idea and an arsenal of needle sizes as you try to […]

Faggoting and Beehive Lace

Well, finally! The fifth time was the charm with this particular Walker Treasury pattern.

As you might recall, I had a heckuva time trying to get this just right. I tried knitting this swatch in three different weights of yarn (lace, sport, worsted). The “bee” pattern and vertical faggoting emerged best with sport weight […]

Happiness Is…

Beautiful friends, tasty grub and fine yarn.

I broke my Monday routine and did not go to physical therapy, choosing instead to meet up with three knitting buds and one knitting bud mum. Tehemina (KnitDDS) picked me up around lunchtime and we headed to that mecca of Indian goodness in Chicago, Devon Avenue.

On the […]

When The Going Gets Tough…

…do you knit it or quit it?

This chapter of my 3-swatch contribution to the Walker Treasury Project opened with a bang! I was able to make quick work of the first two:

Traveling Rib Pattern (Book 1, p. 281) and Flying Wings Pattern (Book 1, p. 286)

I should have known that the […]

Because The People Demanded It

You ask and I answer in as comfortable a way as possible for me: partial body shot only, so as to show the combination of the Mia shrug with the silk chiffon dress.

You have to take my word for it when I tell you that my makeup was flawless and my Heidi-style braids were […]

Swatch Out!

Just recently, I came across a community-based project to enhance the usefulness of one of the major tools in the knitter’s arsenal: Barbara G. Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns (books 1-4).

As you probably know, the swatches in these invaluable books are shown in black and white. The goal of The Walker Treasury project is […]