The Siberian Express Cometh!

If you live anywhere in the midsection of North America, you’d best pull out all your woolly gear and bundle up, because the frigid cold winds of the Siberian Express are here.

I heard them whistle into Chicago last night as my neighbor’s giant wheeled trash cans were tossed about his yard. I heard them […]

Do, Or Do Not.

“Do, Or Do Not. There is no ‘try.’” — Jedi Master Yoda

Sure, Yoda. I live in the real world where sometimes “try” is all you have and failure is a strong possibility. What am I talking about? Exhibit One, your Honor:

I will not finish this gift of the Almost Garter scarf before Monday. […]

Ode to Stockinette

Boring. Uninspired. Mindless. Oh, the ubiquity! This is oft your lot, my dear stockinette; much maligned, nay, overlooked I think might be a better way to put it. In reality, you should be hailed as the maker of quick work. As rest for weary eyes. As Zen for the fingers.

Stockinette in the round was […]

A New Leaf

It’s OK that things sometimes spin out of control, as long as you can find the way forward at some point. I’ve picked myself up. I got back on the horse that threw me. Now I ask you, how many mixed metaphors does it take to make a point? I’ve turned over a new leaf […]

Just So Random

You know how we casually toss off the phrase, “stuff happens?” Today’s post is all about small things and random encounters as I skip across the Web.

The first “small things” belong to my neighbor’s newborn baby boy. Even though it took approximately 3 weeks off and on to knit the earflap hat with matching […]

The Knitting Wasteland

There is the faint, haunting whistle of dust and emptiness; the antiseptic sweet aroma of mothballs and cedar. Mohair fluff mixed with cat fur form giant fiber tumbleweeds that huddle in quiet corners. Sad projects, begun with such promise, litter the landscape in various states of undone-ness. This is the knitting wasteland and it is […]

And Ah-One!

Yep. It has been a week since we last saw our lovely ice blue Fantine in-the-making. I’ll keep it brief as my right shoulder has been muy problematic (hence, spotty knitting), but this 50’s inspired cropped top has grown to her full length of 19 inches as measured from the center back to the waist […]

Big (Needle) Love

First off, thank you so much for your supportive comments on my selection of Briar Rose “Celebration” for the Honeybee Stole. Thankfully, we have a world of beauty at our fingertips when it comes to fiber choices.

I do have to admit that, for the past few days, I’ve been smitten with something that is […]


Let’s see how long can I extend this device: there are scores of people besotted with Anne Hanson’s beguiling Bee Fields Shawl or the rectangular presentation of the Honeybee Stole. Whether they’re actively participating in the knitalong or keeping a watchful eye on the action from the sidelines, the Bees are swarming all around.

From […]

We’re Halfway There

I must say that working with this nearly 50-50 blend of Great Adirondack Yarn Company silk and bamboo has been heavenly and really tough to put down. So tough in fact that I have completely abandoned all other WIPs to knit, purl and yarnover my way through this interestingly constructed wrap in record time. Since […]