From Bavaria, With Love

Hallo meine Freunde! Today it’s all about the contents of my Luftpost package – specifically, two newly arrived Bavarian beauties from Wollmeise.

Naturally the 4-ply superwash wool is soft, but that is not what makes Wollmeise so special. Each 380 yd. (350 m) skein is available in nearly 40 different shades. Consider too that you […]

Desperately Seeking Yarn

I was inspired by two things: my just-purchased (and suddenly misplaced) STR Silkie and Julie’s honest assessment of yarn lust run amok.

I was absolutely frantic. I searched three closets, a half-dozen plastic bins and miscellaneous bags and boxes, yet I could not find two bleeping skeins of yarn. As I searched over and over […]

It’s A Good Day!

Oh! It’s a good day, for singin’ a song,An’ it’s a good day for movin’ along,Yes, it’s a good day, how could anything go wrong?A good day from mornin’ ’till night! – Perry Como

By all accounts, it was a most excellent Friday. Not only was the weather cooperatively ideal (sunny, a tad cool), but […]

Choice Cuts!

No clever dialog or confusing choices; just a little frequency distribution of the reader-supplied data with a soupçon of personal bias.

The winners are “Moss” from Yarn All Over and Socks That Rock “Star Sapphire” from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

“Moss” will become Mona and “Star Sapphire” will become Monkey Socks. Yes, a cheeky blue […]

Notes From Stashland

This little sock monkey has been busy trying to pull the right yarn out of the stock on hand for my Sockapalooza pal. Since I sometimes dwell in the land of indecision, I’m counting on you to help out with that choice. Even if you can’t decide on a specific yarn, at least point me […]

Happiness Is…

Beautiful friends, tasty grub and fine yarn.

I broke my Monday routine and did not go to physical therapy, choosing instead to meet up with three knitting buds and one knitting bud mum. Tehemina (KnitDDS) picked me up around lunchtime and we headed to that mecca of Indian goodness in Chicago, Devon Avenue.

On the […]

I So Need To Knit Something Green.

A light exists in springNot present on the yearAt any other periodWhen March is scarcely here.

A color stands abroadOn solitary hillsThat silence cannot overtake,But human nature feels.

It waits upon the lawn;It shows the furthest treeUpon the furthest slope we know;It almost speaks to me.

(Excerpt from “85” by Emily Dickinson)

I’m trying to […]

Shine On, Cider Moon

Two friends drawn together by their love of fiber and color, Gail Alsdorf and Jacki Vance-Kuss founded Ohio-based Cider Moon in 2005, quickly expanding from their fabric lines into hand-dyed roving and yarns — even chainmail jewelry.

Their yarns have names like Adagio, Champagne, Icicle, Haiku and Whisper, with each representing a particular weight, style […]

Socks That Mock

I was just about to pick up where I left off with these troublesome socks when I looked down and saw it: this sock was unmistakably smiling. Not a happy, welcoming smile so much as a curled-lip, mocking grin. OK, I’ll leave the anthropomorphizing be, but I do see something amiss in the gaping pre-gusset […]

Ruby Tuesday

“Goodbye, Ruby TuesdayWho could hang a name on you?When you change with every new dayStill I’m gonna miss you.”

– The Rolling Stones, 1967(see video via YouTube)

Rowan wool cotton, Rich