Fortune Smiles

About 3 weeks ago, Debi (of Chez FKD) penned a post called “Days of Wine and Roses.” In it, she describes the eponymous mitts she made, which were loosely based on those found in the Winter ’06 edition of Interweave Knits.

They were so beautiful that, on a lark, I left a comments saying essentially, “you know where I live and you can send them right along.” The surprisingly pleasant joke was on me! Can you guess what showed up in my mailbox yesterday?

Louet Gems in the “Fern” colorway. So incredibly soft. And the signature FKD beading? A visual delight! All I could think as I wore them today on the way to the doctor’s was, “I’m the luckiest knitter in all of bloglandia.” Thanks, Debi.

I also want you guys to know that your support and encouragement mean a lot to me. Even though I’ve been ordered to wear a splint on my right arm for the next 6 weeks (ulnar neuritis), I’ll still try to slip in a little knitting now and then. Shush. Don’t tell anyone.

5 comments to Fortune Smiles

  • Lucky girl! They are stunning and I bet super soft! I keep hinting around for someone to send their knits my way if they don’t want to wear them but nothing.LOL

  • You wear them well! Glad to see another post, and be happy and well in the year to come!

  • They’re so gorgeous and you so deserve them! What a great friend Debi is. 🙂

  • YAY!! They are a perfect fit! And they look great on you! I’m so glad you got to wear them today and despite the need to wear a splint, at least you know what makes your arm go numb anf hopefully the splint will help!
    Enjoy the gifts hunny!

  • Those are gorgeous! It makes me want to do more beaded knitting. And look at the surprise this way–it was probably just payback for something sweet you did earlier. 🙂