Socks That Mock

Wild Thing Sock 1I was just about to pick up where I left off with these troublesome socks when I looked down and saw it: this sock was unmistakably smiling. Not a happy, welcoming smile so much as a curled-lip, mocking grin. OK, I’ll leave the anthropomorphizing be, but I do see something amiss in the gaping pre-gusset maw.

Here’s the backstory: I started this sock last week in Teyani’s yummy Sock Hop yarn (Wild Thing) as an antidote to the gray, sub-zero weather. I’m not following any particular pattern. Just a 64 stitch cast on with K3, P1 ribbing into a stockinette leg. I was at the point of the heel where things came twice undone.

Since this is a “knit as you go” kind of thing, I decided to try my hand at a short row heel once again. I was successful back in October and I had plenty of books and online guidance to make it work once again, or so I thought. First try: wrapped short rows left gaping holes which I tried to ignore and couldn’t. Second try: yarn-over short rows which looked equally bad and left me feeling completely incompetent.

Look, the purpose of knitting isn’t to leave you feeling defeated (unless you’re into that sort of thing). I just wanted to have a go at knitting a sock for colorful warmth and comfort. That’s why I resorted to what I know best, and that is the heel flap and gusset construction. Not very exciting but at least I won’t be saddled with holey, mocking footwear.

10 comments to Socks That Mock

  • What a fun colorway! Perfect for wishing for gray skies to depart depart depart!!!
    I keep with the tried and true in my socks, too…there’s so much to be said for “mindless!”

  • That colorway is so cheerful! I’ve been spinning it myself, and it makes me happy just looking at it!

  • oh….I LOVE that sock btw! Soo pretty!

  • Must be the alignment of the planets or something…I just ripped out my sock cause the heel looked like a** 🙂 Curses, foiled yet again!!

    PS – I consolled my FPS angst with a sweaters worth of cashsoft DK in Blush…webs still had their closeout. The flesh is completely weak but at least I have good company, n’est cie pas?

  • Aimee

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!! XOXO Aimee 🙂

  • I think everyone knows how that goes. I’m glad to hear you wiped that grin off that mockin’sock’s face!

  • Damn that mocking sock! Go ahead and knit in your comfort zone, and show that sassy sock who’s boss… I have my own “comfort” heel flap and gusset that I retreat to in times of need as well.

  • Hey darlin – question. Did you ever start that green jacket from Classic Elite? I think it was in the Tweed Three book… just wondering b/c WEBS has a huge sale on Skye Tweed (like $4 a ball!) and I adore that pattern on paper… but I don’t know how it would knit up. Just can’t remember if you ever got past the swatch stage… let me know, would you?? 🙂 Hope you’re feeling ok, and staying warm buried under all this snow! xo

  • Oh my gosh! I just ripped out a short row heel…actually just tried to knit a toe-up sock…got past the heel and thought it looked alful! Ripped the entire thing out. Oh, and I’ve taught socks and mittens but I think that the short row thing just doesn’t work for me either!

  • I agree, sock knitting is supposed to be mindless, soothing and satisfying. I’m with you, heel/flap and gusset for me. I don’t need no stinking pattern!