Time Well Spent

If you were to measure it in dog years, it took 7 of them to make this pair of socks. Technically, I started them last July while laboring under the delusion that I could whip them out as a birthday present in August. Heh. Fast-forward one year and, this time, they’ll be right on time.

You cannot know the joy I felt as I tightened the grafted toe stitches on my hand-carved darning egg. So may I introduce to you my 7 year-old socks:

Hedera Socks

Pattern: Hedera (unmodified)
Yarn: Sundara Yarns (Superwash Merino sock, “Red over Orange”, 350 yds.)

Since the person to whom these socks will be gifted appreciates a fine vintage, I think that a year in the making was time well spent.

Other business
Imagine my surprise when so many logophiles came out of the woodwork. Be still my beating heart. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliaphobia? Callipygian? Funicular? Splendid! Thank you for expanding my word horizons.

blog buttonCan you believe it? Debi has named me a Rockin’ Girl Blogger. I now have the honor of proposing others:

Chris (Crafty Angels) – She’s leading a group of truly giving knitters
Abi (Noblin Knits) – One funny, smart and well-traveled Brit
Sarah (Persnickety) – Sweet, talented Chicago-area knitter
Anne (Knitspot) – Funny, witty, down-to-earth designer and knitter
Sarah (Carpe Diem) – A heck of a writer, with a sharp wit and historical bent

18 comments to Time Well Spent

  • Those were worth every little stitch that went into them~!
    They are beautiful.

    Congrats rockin blogger……that you are!

  • Jen

    Those socks are so pretty. I love the color! And I think I might need to knit a pair for myself soon!

    Have a great weekend!

  • Anonymous

    ooooh! Quite pretty! Just a quick note from your friendly sock pal letting you know that your socks are finished! Hurrah! I love them and think they turned out quite nice. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that you like them too, and that they fit you well! I can’t wait to send them off!

  • Fantastic socks!!! Worth the wait!!

  • thank you karen! that is such a nice compliment . . .i am really touched.

  • Karen —
    Your socks are beautiful – no matter how long they took you to make them! The recipient is VERY lucky!

    I was so surprised to see the Rockin’Girl Blogger nomination! I don’t know that the Angels are up to it! I know YOU are – congratulations! Thank you also for sharing the links to your other favorite blogs — I really enjoyed reading them!

  • Those socks look brill. I haven’t purchased anything from Sundara yet but well remember when she admitted on her blog that she was starting a shop. What’s the yarn like?

    Thanks for linking me! Where did the rockin girl idea come from? Well, I shall definitely do my best for you to be totally rockin but I wonder if I will have to ask my 12 yr old resident karate and manga guru for some advice. I think I shall aslo have to make sure I remember to photograph FO’s in future before giving them away (twice!).

  • Great socks! They aged very well.

  • Yummy socks! And YAY! Karen is knitting. 🙂 Be sure to rest, too. (I know, you’re climbing the walls with rest, right?)

  • Congratulations, you rockin’ girl blogger! Love the socks — Sundara semisolid yarn. Very classy!

    Thanks for the suggestion to alternate the socks and the kimono. I’m going to concentrate exclusively on the socks until I get 1 done and have cast on for the 2nd! Then I can do a little bit of fun baby knitting.

  • Congratualtions, felicitations, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

    Thanks for the list of blogs to check out. And for the link to the beautiful darning eggs, though, sadly they’re all sold out at present.

    PS I like the word fraught lately. Says something about my life right now, I guess.

  • Your Hedera socks are gorgeous! I just love that smokin’ hot red colour. It must feel great to have that accomplished.

    I’m so not surprised that you were named a Rockin’ Girl Blogger. That’s you all over. 🙂

  • You ARE definitely a Rockin’ Girl Blogger!

    I have to make those socks too. My list is sooo long!

  • Karen,

    Those are some gorgeous, well-crafted socks. I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, The Knitter Extraordinare, and it’s no surprise you got the rockin’ nod from Miss Debi.

    And thanks for introducing me to some other great bloggers, I’ll go check them out.


  • I’m blushing. Really.
    Those Hedera socks were undoubtedly worth the wait: lovely pattern beautifully knitted (no doubt) in an absolutely stunning yarn.

    My favourite word: peripatetic. Which fairly well describes me on a good day 🙂

  • Nice socks, Babe!

    And congrats on the rockin’ blogger award. You totally deserve it. Something to aspire to…


  • The socks are wonderful. Love that pattern. (I think I need to go look at Hedera again.) Unless you told the recipient to expect a sock-y b-day, then they’re right on time! 🙂

  • Very nice socks. Glad you got them finished. I’m sure your friend will love them.