The Picot Verdict

You all were so wonderful to share what worked (and what didn’t) when it came to the decorative picot edging. In all fairness, I thought I’d follow up my initial inquiry with the results of my experimentation and your collective wisdom.

Per my previous post on the topic, the solutions seem to fall into two distinct categories: knit together or hem later. For classification purposes, knit together can also include the technique of using a provisional cast on with waste yarn. What’s your picot poison?

Courtney says “I always go the cast on with a long tail, knit the picot bit and then seam as if it’s a hem.”

On the other hand, Monica prefers to “cast on with waste yarn and knit stitches together.”

Sarah’s perspective? “Both the fold-and-hem and provisional cast-on and knit-together methods work pretty well — but if you didn’t cast on with waste yarn, just fold and hem, making sure your stitches line up.”

Debi concurs, adding “Personally I’ve done it all ways and I either use waste yarn… or my new favorite…knit it and sew it down loosely after the sock is finished (OR for toe up bind off very loosely and sew down loosely after the whole sock is knit). This is why I use the waste yarn method rather than just picking up the purl bump method….it’s more precise. But the sewn down method is so much easier and looks just as nice so why stress?”

Yeah, Debi. Why stress? After accidentally cutting the working yarn, then the cast on tail, I ripped out the sock in progress for a second time (or was that the third?) and almost decided that picot was simply not to be. Silly me. It wasn’t the fault of the stitch pattern. It was my impatience that caused the mistakes, so with the principle of “keep it simple” in mind, I started over one last time.

Picot sock cuff
Hemmed cuff

Picot sock cuff
Whipstitch hemmed cuff, folded over

I knit 7 rounds, then did the YO, K2TOG round, then knit 14 more rounds before I decided to turn the cuff inside out and loosely hem down the edge. No three needle bind off. No knitting together. No provisional cast on. Call me a wuss but I kept it simple and I think it looks just as good.

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