I Love Buttons

…and so do dozens of other confessed Ravelry Button Addicts. I am most fortunate for I have a friend “in the business” as they say: among other things, Laura makes buttons from vintage fabrics she collects. I’ve picked up a few from her Etsy shop.

Vintage buttons

An East Coast transplant, Laura and I first met up earlier this year for the express purpose of visiting Chicago’s Tender Buttons, a now-shuttered mecca for rare, antique and vintage buttons as well as thousands of beautiful modern closures. ETA: The store closed this past summer and has yet to relocate.

Other surprise finds? The word is getting out about Vintage Necessities if you’re looking for unique buttons for your hand knits or just the right decorative finishing touches for jackets, hats or handbags.


OK, I’m back now. When I went to confirm the Vintage Necessities’ address, I happened to see a one-of-a-kind set of faceted Bakelite buttons. They now belong to me.

Moving on to modern, I almost always find what I need at The Button Drawer. By the way, they will ship internationally. These beauties came today:

Pink and gray buttons
(Piedras – top, Twisted Flower – bottom)

Some of the most unusually beautiful closures and buttons I’ve come across are the handcrafted design work of the artisans at Moving Mud. While not inexpensive, the owners will work with you to capture movement, shape and colors in small pieces of wearable art.

I'm the boss, m'kay?As you’ve probably guessed by now, Fantine is languishing on sleeve island – a one-armed beauty in search of her mate. It is not for lack of trying. More medical blah-blah-blah equals zero knitting. Please to be distracted by the boys, whom you have not seen in a while.

Click the picture to embiggen or check out the entire Flickr set entitled, “All My Cats” if you just can’t get enough Nikita and Rocky.

More ESIs, some physical therapy and a fresh perspective (quoth the doctor) and hopefully knitting can resume. My hands miss the action of the needles and the feel of the fiber. You know how it is…

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  • There’s a TB in NYC.

  • meg

    Aaaw, adorable kitties! Cute little scrunched-nose ear nibbler :). Beautiful buttons, too! Must . . resist . . . Etsy.
    Hope your knitting hands heal soon.

  • I think that I could develop a button fetish if I’m not careful, so I try to stay away from them. But my next sweater will need 8 small and perfect buttons and


    had a stall at the Knitting & Stitching Show last year. Some of those do nothing for me, but a few just sing!

  • I hope your therapy works and that you feel better soon!

    What wonderful buttons! I didn’t know about the Ravelry group. I’m a button addict with no source, so I appreciate the links.

    I love your cats! Must go look at their photoset. We rent and can’t have pets, but someday, I shall have at least one cat!

  • buttons, buttons, buttons??? can one ever have enough??? What a great addition to your collection!
    embiggen……that is my new favorite word! (you know, i am new to some urban words) 🙂

  • We miss you at HPAC. Love the daisy buttons.

  • Your cats are so lovely! They even have sleepover buddy’s, so it seems. Hope you will be able to knit again soon.

  • I hope you will be better soon and can get back to your knitting. I am sure you are anxious to finish Fantine.
    I also liked Tender Buttons. Even my boys didn’t mind accompanying there, they were very impressed. I didn’t even know it had closed.
    Great cats!

  • Indeed, I DO know how it is. (Wish I didn’t. sigh!) Who knew you could sustain a “knitting” injury?

    Hope my right arm holds up until Cherry’s completion – 2/3 done now and in the home stretch…

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Blessings, twin!

  • Thanks for sharing my stuff!

    All the Chicago button lusters out there should check out Soutache! On Damen, in Bucktown, I keep forgetting about it until I take the Damen bus (which is rare). She has buttons, ribbon (oh! the wall of ribbon!) trims and all sorts of closure goodies.

    How’s THAT for enabling?

  • Love the pretty daisy buttons, and the boys are so cute! I wish my Mabel would be as nice to others (people included).

  • I too can’t pass up looking for buttons. I found a whole collection of them in an old sewing basket I had in the back of the walk in (misnomer) closet. Lets see, knitting, yarn, buttons and cats, oh my.

  • I’ve collected quite a few buttons lately, too. Thanks for the sources, I think.

    Lovely boys.

  • What lovely buttons in your collection! I too have been picking up more buttons along the way – so fun to look at & wonder what project they will complete.

    Finally made it to Knitwerks this weekend – definitely a great find! 🙂

  • I, too, have a bit of a collection. I LOVE Moving Mud’s creations. Tender Buttons was just two blocks from my office–so sad!

  • Hope you’re able to pick up those needles soon! Buttons and cats….not bad though.

  • Lynette and I used to shop @ Tender Buttons during our lunch hour sometimes. Thanks for the links to the online button shops!

    The boys are adorable! I hope your medical woes go away.

  • Embiggen! That is one saucy verb ;p

    I MOURN the loss of the Tender Buttons! Who the H needs a bigger Barneys? I am right at the point of a project that needs the Tender touch and then I remembered. Phaqw.

    Maybe I will have to get on a plane and go to N.Y.

    Hope you get back up to speed, stat!

  • I have a small collection of my grandmother’s buttons. She had them sorted by flavor, and stored in plastic tubes. They’re marvelous. I’m quite certain that I got my love of buttons from her. Hand made ones are the best. Love the ones your friend’s making from the vintage fabrics. I have a friend who would go gaga for them. She doesn’t even knit or sew, but she loves buttons. 🙂 The boys are charming. Good luck with the therapy! Hope it does the trick and you can return to knitting soon.

  • …”a now shuttered mecca…” did Tender Buttons close?!?

  • I adore those dragonfly buttons. Oh you evil enabler! 😀 I used to have a real button addiction when I was into Crazy Quilting. I’m starting to get back into it and it seems you’ve read my mind as to what I’m in “need” of.

    What darling boys! So chock full of fuzzy love. 🙂

    Good luck with the PT. You’re in my thoughts.

  • I’m in that button group too on Ravelry. Eee! Buttons!

    A fresh perspective? And you didn’t slap the doctor? Damn. I’m hoping the lack of surgery is a -good- thing though….. fingers crossed.



  • Ah. Thank you. I think. You enabler you…
    Love the boys…had missed seeing them.
    You take care of that back, okay?