Just So Random

You know how we casually toss off the phrase, “stuff happens?” Today’s post is all about small things and random encounters as I skip across the Web.

The first “small things” belong to my neighbor’s newborn baby boy. Even though it took approximately 3 weeks off and on to knit the earflap hat with matching socks, I’m sure he’ll graduate in no time to bigger and better things – in probably less than 3 weeks time!

Jaeger merino baby items
Two- color hat and socks made from Jaeger Matchmaker Merino


Here’s another way to get small: Nikon’s small world and the obvious companion piece, The Micropolitan Museum. There are so many interesting – and usually unseen – parts of the world around us. All we need is a little help in opening our eyes to them.

A word, if you please. Where do you go for your fix? You might find a new source or two in “A Logophiles Delight!”

Quilters already know about fitting small squares inside larger squares. See how commonly understood principles of logic and design meet harmoniously in “Layers of Meaning.”

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