Sometimes, I Knit

Sadly, for the past week or so, I’ve been doing everything but. I’ve done a few more repeats on the ZigZag scarf but nothing that bears a photo update: “Oh, look! It’s longer than last time.” Yawn.

Aside from the usual blah-blah (doctor) blah-blah, there’s been quite a bit of design thinking (and sketching, planning, coloring, procurement) going on. That Ravelry is both a font of information and a cattle prod when it comes to pursuing what I’ve come to see as possible. Heck, at least it’s forcing me to do proper drawings and come up with construction models for the designs. I love how the colored sketches look but can’t share them with you. It’s that old “first publishing rights” thing.

I did receive a special post-holiday treat that I can share with you. My friend Y stopped by for a visit and graciously let me take her photo as she modeled the hand knits I made for her.

Pretty in pink

Thanks, Y. Rarely do I get to see my gifts in action. You really made my day.

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