Loops Over Loops

At its most basic, that’s all knitting really is, isn’t it? Loops over loops. Only when we apply these under-over-through actions to the loops in a consistent, uniform way do we begin to see the loops build upon one another into a cohesive fabric.

This is something that has fascinated me of late. Just how differently designing for knitting varies from creating patterns for sewing which you then apply to fabric. Of course, there are similarities of terminology, measurement and fit. But with knitting, you are simultaneously creating the fabric and the garment with all the requisite constraints of sizing and fit. Pretty freaking cool if you ask me. All from something as simple as loops over loops.

Velvet Grapes Hat & Scarf

What To Do?
I delayed posting the finished Foliage hat in Malabrigo’s Velvet Grapes worsted because I just couldn’t decide on what to do with the 1.5 skeins of yarn I had left. The hat is a quick knit, even for me, taking only 4 days from start to finish. I hesitated on making a scarf since the temps are starting to hint at Spring in the Midwest. But I’m like, “Heck. It’s wool. I’ll need a scarf at some point.”

After the flipping through Ravelry, a couple of books and a giant box of patterns, I dipped into the Knitty archive once again and cast on for Argosy. It sort of looks like entrelac or modular knitting but it’s really just loops over loops, turned counter-clockwise 45 degrees. No diamonds. No leaves. Just a little ol’ patterned stockinette and garter that fascinates my visual mind.

“No Knitting For You!”
If it’s not one thing, it’s another. There will be a slight break in the fiber action, so please forgive me. For reasons of either medication or stress, my hands have broken out in a kind of rash. The topical treatment consists of cortisone cream and cotton gloves and avoiding wool and doing the dishes until the symptoms subside. The only part I like is not doing the dishes. Here’s wishing you a relaxing weekend!

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  • Jen

    Hope the rash is looking better!

  • Karen —
    So sorry to hear about your hands – I go through this every late winter/early spring. While I HAVE knitted with thin cotton gloves on (doable, but takes some practice and you can’t go as fast as you normally do), I just switched to silk or cotton!!!LOL! And try switching to unscented hand creams, dish soap, etc. It helped me a lot.

  • Beautiful hat and scarf!

    Sorry to hear about your hands. I hope the problem clears up soon.

  • Beautiful projects! I hope you heal quickly.

  • The hat looks lovely, but I like (for the first time) the look of Argosy with this yarn. I hope your hands will heal soon. You are the second person I’m reading who has problems with her hands, and can not do fibery things.

  • Bummer about the no knitting, but at least you have an excuse for not doing the dishes! I love that Argosy. And you’re right, you’ll alwaysh have a need for a scarf.

  • Boy, if it’s not one thing it’s another. Take care of those hands – they’re the only ones you have.

    Lucious yarn. That scarf pattern works so well with it. It’ll be nice to having it waiting for you in the fall whenever you finish.

  • oh, i LOVE argosy. quite pleasing on the eye for what you say is just a little ol’ stockinette/garter!

    oh. sleeping in cotton gloves is something i am SO familiar with! i haven’t done it in about 5-6 years, but always had a pair on my night stand. i actually had to take them around my wrist, because i always pulled them off in the night. i sure hope it clears soon!

  • I like the concept of creating the fabric and pattern all at the same time. I have sewn for years and setting out to make your fabric to fit your pattern is amazing to me. Knitting is amazing to me. I was working on some socks today in public and I had several people all come over and marvel over the work. Knitting is amazing to them too.

  • That Malabrigo is gorgeous! Love the hat and Argosy. Hope you can get rid of that rash soon, and go back to knitting!

  • I’m constantly amazed by the loops over loops creating a fabric. It really is freaking cool. So is your hat and so is the scarf. Really freaking cool. 🙂

    That rash sounds horrible. I hope it’s not too itchy. Get better soon. *hugs*

  • such pretty colors. Sorry to hear you can’t knit. Have a restful weekend

  • Again, those colors are just delicious. I recently struggled with choosing a scarf pattern to finish up some wool after I made the hat. I don’t even remember what I decided on, but it’s boring. Maybe Argosy would work for me!

    Sorry about your hands! Not sorry about the dishes. 🙂

  • Have a nice weekend! It’s supposed to be colder on Saturday, so maybe you can sport the pretty new knit.

  • Oh ugh! Sorry about the rash. I hope it clears soon!! I love the hat and scarf!

  • Aquaphor really helped me when that happened to my skin. It is a godsend.

  • OH GORGEOUS! Such pretty knitting and yarn…
    Sorry about the no-knitting, but I join you in appreciating the “no dishes” part…

  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. It’s the only thing that keeps my hands sane of late.

    Cotton yarn? Or soy?