I was just cruising along on the Moderne baby blanket, absolutely determined to hit the finish line this weekend. Sometimes, in a rush to complete a project, you consciously or unconsciously overlook things that are less than quality. “Oh, I can block that into shape. It won’t be a problem.” You know what they say about denial.

It’s just that, after nearly 3 inches of this crap, I couldn’t let it go any longer. No amount of squishing, stretching or looking at it sideways would change the facts. The stitches had to be undone. Thankfully, I had a willing helper.

Tangled Up In Pink
“Let’s see what happens when I grab this…” – Nikita

Seeing his antics as I ripped out my early morning work made the undo much less painful. I’d rather lose a couple of hours work than hand over a gift, knowing that it was less than my best.

By the way, I was only 4 inches from finishing the blanket.

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  • meg

    Aaaw, kitty-paws! He wants to try, to 😉

  • It hurts to rip, but having a FO that you are really pleased with is worth it. Glad you had such a good helper. He looks very intent on doing his job well.

  • I’m glad you did it! You’ll be much happier in the end. By the way, that blanket is gorgeous!

  • Darn it all, too bad you had to rip, but you have to do what is right for you.

  • Leave it to a kitty to put a smile on your face when you’re in a dire situation. I’m so sorry you had to be in that situation in the first place. *hugs*

  • “I’d rather lose a couple of hours work than hand over a gift, knowing that it was less than my best.” So twoo!

  • No point messing up a lovely blanket right near the end. Having a cat to help does look fun.

  • Ugh! I feel your pain. You did whip that up really quickly though so you’re probably done by now right?

  • Ack.
    But it’s the right thing to do…

  • It’s a sad thing, ripping out, but you did the right thing!

  • Another plus is that the 1824 cotton is such a nice yarn to crochet!

    I often “move on” from mistakes in my work if it’s for me. But a gift, ooh, I couldn’t stand the thought of giving away a flaw that I could have easily fixed.

  • That sinking feeling you get when you realize that you have to rip is just awful – especially when you are close to the end. I had to do that a week ago on a shawl for Afghans for Afghans – I was nearly 4 feet into an 8 foot shawl and decided it just was not working. RATS! But you gotta do it – so I feel your pain. But it looks like Nikita had a good time! Cody and Cowboy say Meow!

  • Ouch! But good for you. I had to do that last weekend and the project and I are still on time out.

  • Seriously, good for you. I often wish that I was more meticulous in my crafting. But then I get distracted by someone throwing cookies into my hair and I forget all about that noble impulse. Btw, LOVE the colours that you’re using for the blanket.

  • I’m so sorry. But I too would have ripped back.

    Last night I found a mistake in a lace doily I am making for my mother. I had to rip back 12 rounds. Considering it’s in the round and every other round grows by 6 stitches, it was actually quite a bit of knitting.

    🙁 But it had to be done.

    Life goes on!!!