FO: Natalia’s Moderne Baby Blanket

How right you are! Ripping is much better than the substandard item gifting. Despite the brief setback, I actually finished my crochet version of Mason-Dixon Knitting’s Moderne Baby Blanket a few days ago. I’ve been busy (which I’ll explain momentarily) so no blogging. First, the blanket.

The Layout
Moderne Baby Blanket - the plan

The Results

FO: Moderne Baby Blanket

11 skeins of Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in 6 different colors (Chicory, Lintel, Grape, Phlox, Chili, Peony)
US size I (5.5 mm) crochet hook.
Finished dimensions are 38″ x 28″

Pattern modifications
You probably know that the Mason-Dixon log cabin blanket patterns are written for knitting. No beef against the knit version of Moderne since I made one before. But now, time was of the essence. Besides, it seems that crochet and this 1824 cotton were made for each other, as evidenced by the way I was able to smoothly use the hook to grab and manipulate the yarn with ease.

The other thing going for me was my absolute willingness to be kinda loose with the math and let the blanket take shape, with the entire thing based on the outcome of the foundation block. The first block in the original knit pattern is essentially a 36-stitch block.

When substituting “single crochet” for “garter stitch,” remember that the single crochet is taller than garter stitch. That’s why I did the foundation block as 28 rows instead of 36. The size of the remaining color blocks is determined relative to the foundation block size. Use the Mason-Dixon pattern as a guideline for when to turn the piece or pick up new sections until you are comfortable with your color plan progression. I did a two-color single crochet border in chicory and lintel.

Other stuff…
I finally started the Rehabilitation Institute Chronic Pain Management program. Yes, it kicked my butt for the rest of the day and I was none too willing to go back for more activity today. I did it though. I’m told several forms of exercise are required daily.

I suppose that, between the army of therapists and doctors, the chances for improvement in my physical condition are significant. There’d better be or there will be hell to pay!

20 comments to FO: Natalia’s Moderne Baby Blanket

  • lu

    it turned out lovely! i’m still in love with the colours (and the pinks and oranges of the post above)

  • It’s gorgeous! gorgeous!

    Good luck with the torture–I mean rehab! I don’t like to exercise but it feels good to do it.

  • The blanket is a beauty! Good luck with the rehab. I go to physical therapy twice a week and it does help. Exercise really IS good for us! Who knew?!

  • that really is an awesome blanket. i am in love with those colors and the layout.
    so glad you are doing your therapy. hard work will pay off. x

  • meg

    That’s gorgeous! I love your color choices & the arrangement, a really modern cool classic.

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous blanket. And good for you for going!

  • Jen

    I am so in love with your blanket. Just lovely.

  • Gah! That blanket is drippin’ with goreousity! (My new favorite unword.)

    Hang in there with the rehab. I know it’s tough, but you’re one tough cookie. I’ll help with the kickin’ of the asses if things don’t start to improve soon though.

  • Lurve the color scheme. It looks so soothing.

  • What a beautiful blanket! You must be proud of the result. I wish you all the best with your treatment and hope it will have the effect you wish for. Good luck.

  • yay! it’s beautiful! the crochet really works well with this pattern and yarn. lucky baby! 🙂

  • Nat

    The blanket is stunning! Thank you so much.

    Good luck with the PT, and keep posting about it, in time you will come back to these early entries and be amazed by how much you have accomplished (or how much butt you have kicked.)

  • Bridget

    Glad to hear you’re doing the pain management program. I have another friend who did it as well, and she’s been v successful. Let me know if you’d like to chat with her!

  • Love the layout and colors. You’ll find the exercise well worth it…don’t give up!

  • The blanket is just beautiful! The recipient is one lucky baby indeed.

    Good luck with the rehab. As your butt is getting kicked, just keep reminding yourself that all that butt kicking will pay off in spades when it’s over.

  • Beautiful blanket!
    And I’m sending healing vibes that will help your rehab process…

    Keep the eye on the prize…right?

  • What is Phlox? Lovely blanket! I’m pleased the pain management has started. It can kick your butt a bit and then you can kick its butt back.

  • Dang, sorry the rehab is kicking your butt and other parts, but it’s supposed to help. Keep it up and hopefully you will see some results soon.

    The blanket is glorious. You did a spectacular job on the blanket. And I adore the colors.

  • That is a most excellent baby blanket!!!

    Best of luck with the daily exercises and therapy. Sounds like you are in good hands.

  • It’s a beautiful blanky! Seriously.

    And I’m proud of you for going. Trying. Going back.

    You’re my favorite K, K.