Karen See, Karen Do

This week’s thunderstorms and tornadoes (and the resulting power loss) showed me that I had a few kinks in my emergency system. For one, I had no cooler to load with ice and possibly save the contents of my refrigerator. A trip to Target was in order.

Now, I do not frequent Target. Nothing against the store, mind you. That just means I was a bit disoriented when I walked in. It must’ve been fate that led me to the SmartyKat ScratchScroll! I saw this the other day on Stumbling Over Chaos and thought it was adorable. Who knew I’d be headed to the store within days and that would be the first thing my eyes landed upon.

The tag says you should let your cat discover the lounger on his own. Maybe Rocky’s real name is Christopher Columbus?

Rocky and The Lounger

Next time, I think a couple of book reviews are in order. Hasta luego!

16 comments to Karen See, Karen Do

  • clasca

    what a great toy! Your Columbus looks really pleased with himself. I bet my girls would love it.

  • sadly, welcome to my world 🙁

    On a happier note, guess what’s winging it’s way to Chez FKD ?

  • Great minds. Guess where I need to go tonight? Target. For? A cooler. I hope that they still have some in stock.

    And, guess where I’m going to be in mid Sept? Chicago!

  • Oh, know, I see I will be looking into this for my crew. Great picture!

  • Jess P.

    I would love it if you posted pictures of my Mia Shrug on your knitters Gallery. 🙂

  • Ha, funny! I’ve never seen such a cat lounger. Christopher Columbus seems to like it! ;o)

  • Ha, funny! I’ve never seen such a cat lounger. Christopher Columbus seems to like it! ;o)

  • That Scratch Scroll is too cool! I want one for my boys! How I wish the Target would open here…

  • He’s so adorable–you could photograph him playing with the garbage and it would still be adorable! But that cat lounger is fantastic.

    I was on my way home from my meeting and was one of those idiots out in the storm Monday night.

  • It doesn’t just look good with Rocky on it…it’s looks great ON your carpet runner (which I am smitten with!)
    Glad the power’s back on…

  • The storms have been scary bad this week!! (I’ve been watching Tom Skilling on WGN.)

    Rocky looks so cute on his toy! So cuddly.

  • I hope you didn’t lose power for long and your food was all OK.

    Rocky looks very content! He also looks like he might not want to share with Nikita.

  • how adorable. now i want to stumble in the store to see if i can find one. your cat looks so content. i’ve been to target a lot recently (online) getting my daughter ready for college.

    i hope you didn’t lose power for too long. we didn’t lose power, but we went to the basement for almost an hour during the worst of the storm.

  • He looks very pleased with himself!! Hopefully your power came back on before you lost food?

  • Sounds about right – no power in the aftermath of a major storm, go to store for emergency provisions, buy a bed/toy for the cat. Yep. I never lost power, thank Ja. But, it was a scary couple of hours.

  • I hope your power’s back on now! That looks like one great cat item and one happy kitty!

    The power came back on at my office today. That’s good, b/c I have work to do, and bad for the exact same reason. 🙂