A sunny little something

Citron by Hilary Smith Callis

Citron (Knitty Winter 2009). Photo by Neil Callis

Spring may not exactly be in the air just yet but that doesn’t stop my thoughts from turning to a little knitted number that promises more sunny, warm days ahead. Just look at Citron, the latest “it” girl from Knitty.

For me, this versatile slice of citrus goodness strikes just the right balance between sweet (ruffles) and sophisticated (ruching).  I could also see making at least two versions, with one for winter in wool that would double as a scarf and a larger shawl for summer in light fingering weight bamboo or cotton blend.

First things first though. I’ve got to actually knit one before I can even consider making some sort of winter / summer shawl wardrobe.  I can’t even decide on the yarn at this point which is where you lovely people come it.  I’ve narrowed it down to three contenders which was a chore in itself.  Each is wool or a wool blend making it appropriate for the in between that is still Winter and  not quite Spring.

Choices of yarn for Citron

Yarns that look good enough to eat!

It’s come down to the sunshine yellow of Butter Peeps lace weight from Dream In Color (A), All Things Heather’s deep, subtly pink Raspberry sock yarn (B), or Zen String’s Bambewe merino / bamboo / nylon mix (C) .  Just when I think I know which one I want, I change my mind so please,  help a knitter out. Leave me a comment saying which one you would choose.

Thanks.  I might even arrange for a little something to land in the mailbox of the person belonging to a randomly chosen comment.  See?  Now you have some skin in the game too.

14 comments to A sunny little something

  • i vote for C! if for nothing else then for the fact that it’s blue! i love me my blues. 🙂

  • All 3 yarns you’ve picked are gorgeous! I’d go with pink though because that’s just my mood right now. 🙂 You could always make 3 of them in all the yarns! (I know, so helpful.)

  • Jess

    My thoughts were similar to grumperina’s…I’d choose Butter Peeps for the color but the bamboo in the Zen String would give a nice sheen and drape.

  • I think the raspberry shade would look marvelous on you with your skin tone — and be a great uplift for spring! Just my two cents…..!

  • Amy

    Hmm…I’m normally not a pink person but the raspberry seems like it would make for a lovely springtime “POP” as we emerge from winter in this fair city. When I did a Sunday Market Shawl with the Butter Peeps it also had quite a bit of rosy/pink to it – always a nice springy option.

  • Clasca

    Although yellow would probably also look great on you, I would go for raspberry pink! That would get me into a spring mood. What a lovely pattern…
    Have you decided yet what the choice will be???!

  • Jen

    Hmm, I love that pink! I think it would make a great Citron.

  • I tried to convince myself that the blue was best, but I really love the raspberry pink, and think Citron would look great in it.

  • Thought I love the yellow color of Butter Peeps, the merino/bamboo blend would be my top choice, I think. It should be wonderfully drapey…

  • Jodi

    I think the sunshine yellow would be cheerful and lovely! Then again, they’re all great choices — that’s undoubtedly why you’re stuck.

    I’ve heard that the pattern comes out a bit small, so perhaps considering yardage would help with the decision making.

  • All three are nice–I can see why you’re unsure!–but I think the raspberry has the intense, bright color Citron calls for.

  • jo

    I would have to say the pink would be perfect for the pattern. I’m not too keen on yellows & the blue is just too mellow for this pattern. The pink raspberry just screams cheerful and uplifting.

  • Tammy

    I made this in a beautiful light pink silk/alpaca blend – gorgeous results….I would use the light blue!