Making Raspberry Progress



Oh, the joys of ruching! I hadn’t read through the pattern beforehand so I had no idea that the ruching in Citron was all that easy.  But so it is. The only item of note: do not use kfb (knit front and back) as your M1. Instead, use the pick-up between stitches method. It’ll save counting errors later on.

I started the shawlette this weekend and am making surprising progress as I am already in section 3 of 5.  I say surprising because, for the past 2-3 years, using my hands in any consistent, repeated way has been troublesome at best.  Lately though, my renewed knitting desire must be making up for any physical pain.  In fact, I’m searching for my next project.  I know I should pick up the hibernating baby dress started way back in November and at least try to finish it before the child grows out of the  1 year old size.  Naturally, “should” is not the same as “want to”.  If you have other ideas about something fun for Spring, give me a shout out in the comments.

Today’s last little nugget?  I’ve made the pattern available for Lu’s Fingerless Mitts (PDF).   It’s also there for the queueing in Ravelry.  A friendly warning: it has not been test knit except by me.  As per usual, if you find an “oops,” let me know so I can fix it.

5 comments to Making Raspberry Progress

  • The Citron looks great! I am so wanting to knit one. My first attempt was ripped out as I didn’t like the wool I had chosen. The new wool is sitting here waiting. Just no time 🙁

  • That’s gorgeous – go YOU!

  • Thanks for sending me the pattern. I’m going to make a pair (but not out of the self striping yarn) for my daughter who had decided she wants to play the guitar. She needs a pair of cool mitts for that.

    The raspberry color is perfect for spring/summer.

  • Clasca

    Look at you! You’re speeding things up, could have participated in the Ravelympics with this speed. It looks great.

  • I love how the color of Citron goes so well with the tulips in the header. 🙂