Forgot About It!

Oh, the forgotten yarn.  Hiding away in the dark in its original mailing envelope at the bottom of a shopping bag in an antique armoire not normally used to store yarn.  Forgotten because I’d inadvertently purchased the wrong weight to complete a baby ensemble last year.

Fast forward one year when Opal at Akamai Knitter mentioned the surprising softness of Berroco Comfort – especially considering there are no natural fibers whatsoever in the yarn.  Coincidentally, I was thinking of what I could make for one of the newborns aided by a local charity, Crafty Angels.  I was looking for something else altogether when I found the unused skeins of yarn.  There was actually a treasure trove of other yarns (Baby Cashmerino, Lorna’s Laces, SWTC Bamboo in a really hot red) but more on that another time.  That’s what happens when you run out of the usual places to tuck your yarn away.  Yes, even the rolling luggage has been pressed into service.

Moving on.  So what to do with 840 yards of yarn?  It’s still National Crochet Month so I hit upon 9-Patch Blanket for a newborn as a solution available on either Ravelry or  directly from the Lion Brand site (registration required).  I’m deviating from the original pattern by 1) using 23 stitch chain instead of 26 and 2) 16 patches instead of 9 because I should end up with 8 green squares and 4 apiece of the blue and cream.  I’m kinda  torn between pattern layouts.  One or Two?  I know where I’m leaning but I’m curious what you think.

Layout one Blanket Layout 2
Layout One                                        Layout Two

While I mull that over, I was reminded today that Easter is on the horizon.  I found this too adorable amigurumi Easter Egg pattern over at Plant June.  Imagine. No dye stains on your fingers.  No cracked shells.  Perfect eggs every time!  OK.  At least as perfect as your crochet stitches.

5 comments to Forgot About It!

  • Hi Hunny, I came to say hi! Love the new digs!

    So did you watch the vid and laugh your uterus(of uterii past) out? 😉

  • I love it when I find yarn that I had forgotten about. Have you started the blanket? My choice would be #1 but the other is nice too. Looking forward to pictures!

  • Sometimes it’s good to find a forgotten yarn. Sometimes, it causes a groan. But sounds like you have an excellent idea for your find. I like the second layout best; it has more movement, but I’m not the one doing the crocheting.

  • Either pattern is lovely, but I’d vote for #2 — it just appeals to me because at first glance, it appears random, but on second glance, you can see the pattern. Either one would make a lovely blanket for one of our babies!

  • I’ve definitely considered Comfort for baby knitting!