Can't Keep A Knitter Down

Vine Scarf

Vine Scarf Begins

It may not look like much but, to me, it means a lot.  Here’s the timeline:

May 10th – shoulder surgery
May 12th – wake up in my own bed
May 12th – begin mild movements of shoulder
May 15th – begin knitting, albeit slowly

The pattern is Nicole Hindes’ Strangling Vine Lace Scarf (Ravelry).  The needles are newly acquired Signature Circulars, size 5 (3.75 mm).  The yarn is some long-ago stashed SeaSilk.  The stiletto tips handle the fine, slippery yarn with ease.

The importance to me?  Priceless, because even this little bit of knitting gives me hope.  I may have 2-3 months of physical therapy to look forward to, but I expect to be back – strong and stitching!

10 comments to Can’t Keep A Knitter Down

  • I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling up to even a little knitting. Take it easy! You’ve got the rest of your life to knit and it’s so important to heal. I’ll be thinking healing thoughts for you.

  • lu

    i know that you don’t need someone telling you to BE CAREFUL, but i am going to do it anyway!

    so glad that you can enjoy a knitting project while you recuperate though.

  • I think what I love most about this post? The fact that you’re using the absolutely FINEST materials and tools possible to enjoy every single, slow and precise stitch!
    Just exactly the right thing to do…and I’m so glad you can!!!

  • I’m glad you are able to knit at least a little bit. I’ve not seen Nicole around on ravelry for a long time. I like her patterns.
    Your needles are way cool!
    Get well quickly!

  • Hurray for making progress and even working in a little knitting! I’m rooting for you, Karen.

  • So glad you are home and knitting again! WHOO HOO!! I think knitting is GREAT physical therapy!

  • Terry

    Hey K!! You stay well, ok! And enjoy every bit of the knitting, it IS a big feat! take care.

  • Beautiful yarn, beautiful pattern, awesome needles = everything a knitter needs. Good luck!!!

  • Hey, I had shoulder surgery on the 12th! How are you doing? I started knitting a bit on the 14th, a bit more on the 15th, but am taking it slow. (I learned to adapt to knitting with limited movement during the 5+ months I was injured, so I know I’m still not back to my normal knitting style.) Hope you’re healing well!

  • Yay!! *happy Karen knitting dance*