Days Like These

The cool, grey days. The school bus days. The days with geese flying away in formation toward warmer climes. It’s days like these that say to me loud and clear, “Where the heck have you been?!  Could you have been knitting and crocheting and just forgot to blog about it?”  My answer is D) None of the above.

I started to write something a month ago but then the, “Oh shiny!” got the best of me. I’ve been trying to get out more because socializing is supposed to be something we humans need to have a certain “quality of life.” I’ve got pictures of most of my adventures. Thank goodness no one shot video of me doing my interpretive chicken dance. Yes, I have one, complete with sound effects.  Sweet baby corn, the cats just love it!

Here’s a loose timeline of events:

May and June – Arthroscopic surgery and recovery, including physical therapy. No pictures, unless you rilly, rilly want to see inside my shoulder. Just ask.

July and August – Freakishly hot hereabouts, with the resulting freakishly huge electric bill; washing machine broke; rode my bike for the first time in 9 years.

retro red bike

My Madwagon

Fell off said bike – backwards, no less.  I am talented that way.

bad bike fall bruise

Am I Blue?

Sold valuable yarn to buy my Nutcase helmet to more safely ride said Madwagon bike.

Nutcase Swirl

Nutcase - Keeping My Brains Intact

Played tourist with visiting friends – from tours of the Chicago River and the Tall Ships to Chinese artists’ displays and Cloudgate (The Bean)  in Millennium Park.  I really do enjoy this city – even though I know it’s much more than the pretty lakefront and downtown architecture.

Wrigely Tribune

Wrigley Building & Tribune Tower

tall ship crows nest

Tall Ship Sail & Mast

Man versus Pig

Man versus Pig

Inside Cloudgate

Inside The Bean

September and you’re welcome to it.  September is that month with multiple personality disorder: I shall be HOT! I shall be cool. I shall be rainy and miserable. I shall be perfectly cromulent. You will love me because I signal an end and a beginning; because it means the kinder are back in their holding pens – um, school.  It means both my Old Man Kitty and I have new medical issues, with his more serious than mine.  My MRI and his echocardiogram will tell the tale. Later.

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