Ginger syrup

Fresh ginger syrup

I looked out the window as the ginger syrup simmered.  I decided to try a different sort of homemade gift this year, based on the recipe from Mags Kandis’ “Gifted”.  I sliced an orange and added the pieces along with the zest to the mix, giving the syrup a more citrusy taste to add a different note to the bite of ginger.  Italian glass bottles dressed in red crocheted circle ties about the neck of the bottle went home with my friends – a perfect end to an afternoon of mulled wine, loud singing and an evening of salsa, chips and hockey!  Yep.  Chicago won.  Another gift.

My friend is an aunt again – this time it’s a boy.  Another friend is impatiently waiting for her daughter to arrive.  The gifts of life.  And hand knits.  Is there such a thing as too many handmade gifts?

Whether friend or stranger, there is always a need for the work of our hands which is why I’d like to tip my hat to the Crafty Angels.  They send the gift of warmth and caring to people in need in the Chicago area and around the world.

Finally, I am grateful for you even though most of us have never met.  You’ve given me the gift of your time and talent;  you’ve given me your trust.  Y’all do kind of rock.  I’m a lucky duck.

Snowy evergreen

Let It Snow!

Ginger scents the air
Snowflakes blow sideways outdoors
Wet boots stand empty.

Seasons change; new life
New year and promise of hope.
Yuletide gifts to you!

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