Pattern: The Freddie Cowl

I never thought about how difficult it is to name an inanimate object until I started writing patterns.

At first, I went the more or less literal route with, for example, Chunky Feather and Fan Scarf. Perfectly solid name, holding no surprises inside. As time went on, I felt the urge to be a bit […]

FO: Zuzu’s Petals

I’d intended for that lone ball of Freia Ombré Sport to be a featured player / proof of concept in an avant garde design I’d been working on. Even though the design went into hibernation, the yarn flew to top of mind when I saw Carina Spencer’s Zuzu’s Petals. It was designed with ombré yarn […]

Pattern: Slippery Vine Wrap

What started as a (very) belated Christmas gift for a friend has turned into my latest pattern. I’d like to present the Slippery Vine Wrap.

The piece consists of a deep, slip-stitch textured border bracketing a meandering vine lace center. Sounds like something quite delicious – and it is!

The Slippery Vine Wrap pattern […]

Re-gifting: When my past becomes my present

I snipped threads that were made decades ago. I had to. That was the only way to release the aging canvas from the prison of nails that held it to its old wooden frame.

I sewed my crewel-work version of Gauguin’s “Nafea Faa ipoipo? (When Will You Marry?)” many years ago as an entry in […]

Eighty Stitches of Nothing. Yet.

[Not a valid template]Sketches and swatches

Design images float free

Leaving me at sea.

My head and my sketch pad are positively volcanic explosions of ideas! I can’t show any of them as it wouldn’t be proper etiquette, according to the considered opinion of other knitwear designers. What I can do is speak in general […]

The weather gods are playing dirty tricks!

Strata Fingerless Gloves

I thought for sure that my friend T’s Rikke would spell the last of my winter knitting. I figured that she’d have very few chances to wear her hat, which was the last of a 3-piece gift: Rikke, Strata (from “Knitting New Mittens and Gloves”) and Eleanor.

Har-dee-har-har. There is actual […]

East is east

Stephen West at Loopy Yarns

And West is West – Stephen West, that is. Don’t know what you may have heard about this talented 22 year old designer, but I find his take on the humble shawl new, simple and fresh. How someone came fashion stockinette, garter stitch and geometry into flattering shape […]

Seeing Red

Venezia Boneyard Shawl

I’m trying really very hard to keep my hands busy doing anything but snacking. Looks like knitting is filling the gap at the moment. This shawl took me a little over one week to knit. Granted, it’s not fancy but one week. A shawl. Me? Never happened before. I must […]


My next door neighbor’s son, Colin, turns 3 years old on Monday. Until late this morning, he had no idea that his mom and I were cooking up a surprise for him in the form of a handmade scarf. Mom said it shouldn’t be too long because she didn’t want it to wrap around his […]

Caped On A Cold Day

Red Java Slouchy Beret

I am a serial knitter. At least I became one in the last month. I committed to starting AND finishing three pieces to accompany an old (but still unworn) orange, brown and cream tweed cape. Two you already know about: Malabrigo Arm Thingies (Ravelry) and Malabrigo Neck Thingie (Ravelry). The […]