Walk, don't run!

Firmer! Stronger! Perter! One of those fine purveyors of healthy footwear sent me an email advert the other day for some of those rocker-soled shoes. You know, the ones that are supposed to tone up your butt and improve your posture? Although I could use the help for the junk in my trunk, I’m still […]

Change can be good. No, really.

Knitters as the superior species

Glad to see you found your way here!

I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time and now, circumstances have conspired to push me out of the increasingly uncomfortable Blogger nest. No more publishing via FTP unless I host with you? No easy template control unless I […]

Instant Recycling's Gonna Get You

I was mere inches away from finishing the first of a pair of Lisa Gaskell’s Les Cables de Faux (Rav) legwarmers for a frosty friend in Calgary. Feeling pretty proud of myself, I was. Though it is a simple pattern easily memorized, my Swiss-cheese memory seemed to keep getting erased after each 3-row segment.

Once […]