Things That Make Me Feel Good

Shiny silver buttons

This cute cadet-style coat from Old Navy came with dull brass buttons that did nothing for it. See for yourself. I consulted a friend and M&J; Trimming (love them!) to find the perfect antique silver flower buttons. Color me happy because these little things turn the coat from blah to beautiful.

Expressing […]

I Love Buttons

…and so do dozens of other confessed Ravelry Button Addicts. I am most fortunate for I have a friend “in the business” as they say: among other things, Laura makes buttons from vintage fabrics she collects. I’ve picked up a few from her Etsy shop.

An East Coast transplant, Laura and I first met up […]

Hats Off!

“But what about keeping your ears warm,” you may ask? Well Alison (aka Brainy Lady) resurrected a Knitty pattern from 2003 that’s perfect for us pigtail and ponytail wearing lasses and lads. I liked Alison’s adaptation of omitting the ties and adding a button on the side so much that I put the stockinette sock […]

Operation: Organization!

When we last met, our heroine was on the hunt for the perfect box. One neither too large or too small. One with sufficient adaptability to meet her burgeoning button and closure storage needs. Lo and behold, it was an old friend that came to her rescue: ArtBin!

As a teenager, ArtBin held her nibs, […]