Happenstance, Chicago-style

My plan was a simple one. Buy some music then come back home. But this turned out to be the day where nothing happened as expected.

See, I recently joined a community choir and was in need of some readable, non-photocopied versions of music. It took some doing but I found one of the last […]

Running with Knitters!

I’ve been a busy woman lately! Between starting occupational therapy and hobnobbing with the knitterati, I haven’t had a moment to myself.

Ha. Who am I kidding? The truth is that I’m slowly trying to get back in the game, reconnecting with friends of the yarnish persuasion and making a few small things, like a […]

A Fallen Woman

No, your feed reader isn’t on the blink. I haven’t posted since late June. If it seems I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth, perhaps it is because I have.

I’m back in the shop for repairs (or something like it). I’ve scarcely purchased any yarn. The books and magazines that cross my threshold […]

FO: Boteh Scarf

Pattern: Boteh Scarf by Kathy Merrick from Interweave Crochet, Spring 2007Yarn: 2+ skeins of allhemp6LUX, color: alioliHook: 4.5mm (G)Modifications: 11 triangles instead of 16 called for in pattern yielded a 68″ scarf, unblocked.

This is my first foray into working with hemp and it won’t be the last. As mentioned, I did not block […]

Say What?

Saw: Today I grew a new personSays: Today I, the new person,

Saw: Gifts of contemptuous jewelrySays: Gifts of contemporary jewelry

Saw: Light was in the glitter guild meetingSays: Last night was the knitters guild meeting

Saw: Plenty of time to execute the guy thoroughly.Says: Plenty of time to evaluate the guy thoroughly.

Could it […]


I’m sorry if my last post gave the impression that I’d dislocated my shoulder. I did not. Instead, I suspect I aggravated the already torn ligament that keeps the ball joint in the socket. I thought I was doing myself a favor by sticking to small projects, however the intensity applied to completing them proved […]

Just Like Starting Over

“It’s been too long since we took the time No-one’s to blame, I know time flies so quickly But when I see you darling It’s like we both are falling in love again It’ll be just like starting over, starting over” – John Lennon

I’m working on rediscovering my love of crafting and the […]

Dye Tripper!

*Picture heavy post*

I never really thought about the whole colorful, messy business of dyeing and distributing yarn. I learned a thing or two during the Hyde Park Knitting Guild’s behind the scenes glimpse into life at Lorna’s Laces. It was exciting for me to see how yarn moves from color concept

to realization

to […]

Ah, Spring!

Can’t you just hear the birds sweet songs and feel the warming sunshine upon your face as it beams through crystal blue skies? Welcome to the first storm of Spring ’08, where some areas to the north of here expect upwards of 8 inches of snow.

While I wait for things to clear up, […]

You Like Me!

For those of you who don’t get the post title reference, it is part of actress Sally Field’s 1985 Best Actress Oscar acceptance speech. Since she said it better than I, allow me to quote, in part:

“I’ve wanted more than anything to have your respect…And I can’t deny the fact that you like me… […]