How do you mend a broken knitter?

You go to a very good surgeon who knows how to use his own tools of the trade to reattach, reshape, shave and sew (as needed) to put the FO (me) to right.

I had my first post-op appointment. Doc says things look good. In fact, from the size of the incisions, it looks as […]

Can't Keep A Knitter Down

Vine Scarf Begins

It may not look like much but, to me, it means a lot. Here’s the timeline:

May 10th – shoulder surgery May 12th – wake up in my own bed May 12th – begin mild movements of shoulder May 15th – begin knitting, albeit slowly

The pattern is Nicole Hindes’ Strangling […]

Good to be back home!

Pink Tulips

Thanks so much for your good wishes. The surgery went well but the patient had an little incident that caused her to be admitted to the ICU overnight.

Alright. I’ll drop the third person to tell you that I went into a-fib near the end of what should have been a routine […]

Cut and Run

Sorry about being so cryptic about the DIY project in my last post. I wanted to make a few tweaks and figure out how to describe it first. I’m having arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder to (hopefully) fix some long-standing issues. It’s scheduled for Monday morning so, depending on where you are, the surgery […]